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Violinist Daisy Kennedy in 1912 with Paul Eisler, Kapellmeister, Vienna

Sometimes the little tidbits from the past family life come falling into place like beautiful snowflakes on a Saturday morning.  One such dazzling snowflake has been Daisy Kennedy, an Australian violinist born in 1893. My first find was this performance announcement … Continue reading

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Romeo & Juliet – A Waltz on Piano

Sometimes, on a Saturday,it is a really good idea to play music and let the mind wander. Here is eight minutes of Paul Eisler playing the Romeo and Juliet Waltz. Such a gift this recording is! If I let my … Continue reading

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Der Waffenschmied in Budweis/České Budějovice, 1900

It is unknown when Paul Eisler moved from Vienna to Budweis to accept a conductors post at the Stadt Theater but in 1900 he is there conducting Rigoletto in January and this piece from Albert Lortzing, Der Waffenschmied in April. Lortzing … Continue reading

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Rigoletto in Budweis/České Budějovice, 1900

I know very little about Paul Josef Martin Eisler’s time as a conductor at the Stadt Theater in Budweis, the German name for the city at the time and now known in Czech as as Budějovice. A common career path … Continue reading

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An Evening of Music, December 8, 1895 Vienna

This tissue-thin paper poster is maybe one of the most fragile pieces I own. Just glancing at it seems to send the paper into disintegration, but it has survived 118 years to share that evening’s performance details. The previous post, … Continue reading

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Musikverein, 1895 Vienna

On December 8,1895 twenty year old Paul Josef Martin Eisler sat at the piano on stage alongside the Soprano Belle of Vienna Opera, Antonie Schläger and together they gave what could have only been a stupendous concert. Ok, I am … Continue reading

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