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“Zauberin”, Enchantress; 1905 Paul Eisler Piano

I had seen this item in catalogs and a few far flung library lists but had never seen a copy until Oregon State University graciously granted an inter-library loan request my local librarian made on my behalf. What a feeling … Continue reading

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Celebrating Edgar Allan Poe in Music

Happy Birthday Edgar Allen Poe! January 19, 1809 was the birthday of Edgar Allen Poe. I have been searching for decades now for items from the lives of Edith Vail Ross and Paul Josef Martin Eisler and it was to … Continue reading

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Violinist Daisy Kennedy in 1912 with Paul Eisler, Kapellmeister, Vienna

Sometimes the little tidbits from the past family life come falling into place like beautiful snowflakes on a Saturday morning.  One such dazzling snowflake has been Daisy Kennedy, an Australian violinist born in 1893. My first find was this performance announcement … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Elijah Ross, paternal grandfather to Edith Vail Ross, had in his home library a large volume of poems by the Scottish author Robert Burns published in 1850. Elijah was born in Shrewsbury, Vermont in 1819 but after being orphaned very … Continue reading

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Striking A Deal- Piano Lessons for a Portrait

Family history often reduces people into short summaries and that was certainly the case for me with Edith and Paul’s legacies growing up. The short version of their lives was the flat “Edith sang. Paul played piano.” To my surprise … Continue reading

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Duss At Madison Square Garden, 1903

The photo above is of Madison Square Garden, June 1903, taken from Madison Square Park. Before Madison Square Garden and Penn Station were all jammed together, the Garden had the castle-like appearance you see above. In August 1903 Edith Vail … Continue reading

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Crying in the Rain on the Pending Nuptials of Miss Lamois

On an August evening Edith Vail Ross was out in the city (NYC) and got caught in a “another hard thundershower [that] came up while we were at the meeting but I got home allright and not wet. Was fortunate … Continue reading

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