It is Time

Gold_Black_Frame_tan_05_large Edith Vail Ross had spent most of 1902 and all of 1903 concentrating on her voice lessons and getting her start as a Vocalist in New York City. The art of networking, socializing and cultivating the contacts necessary to propel her talent forward was finally coming to some fruition for her. While her father’s plan included Edith returning home for the summer after “the season” ended in the city there is no evidence he raised any objection to her remaining when Edith secured her Sunday Solo at the Five Points Mission and other engagements. Her success in obtaining the Sunday Soloist positions and her preliminary audition for Heinrich Conried’s Metropolitan Opera had given her hope that she was close to her musical goals.

Most artists learn to be fierce protectors of their time and Edith was no exception. She valued the opportunity to remain in the city and she was committed to making the most out of each day. She saw the pieces of her future coming together and she didn’t care to step back until everything clicked. At a Sunday afternoon get together at the Kilmer’s (cousins), Kit and Hattie excitedly shared their July plans that would start in Saratoga Springs in upstate New York before moving on to Rutland, Vermont. No amount of cajoling by Kit (her favorite cousin) and Hattie (a favorite friend) could convince Edith to join them in their summer getaway. Edith’s sole objection was she might lose an artistic opportunity and that was non-negotiable for her. Musically, Edith had begun to feel all that she wanted for a career was just around the bend and it was not the time for a vacation.

She writes home “They wanted me to go up to Saratoga with them for a few days but I told them it was out of the question for me to leave NY just now. Now is my time to work and I must do it. AEK (Kilmer patriarch) thought me terribly foolish not to go but he doesn’t understand how important my time is now.”

About Guenevere Crum

Guenevere Crum is an artist and a great granddaughter of Edith and Paul Eisler. She has been actively sleuthing her Eisler - Vail Ross heritage since 1999.
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