Rigoletto in Budweis/České Budějovice, 1900

Stadttheater in Budweis, January 4, 1900, Concert poster, Conductor Paul Eisler

Stadttheater in Budweis, January 4, 1900, Concert poster, Conductor Paul Eisler

I know very little about Paul Josef Martin Eisler’s time as a conductor at the Stadt Theater in Budweis, the German name for the city at the time and now known in Czech as as Budějovice. A common career path for conductors then and now would be to obtain experience in regional theaters. This Conductor’s post in 1900 would have been just such an important experience for Eisler’s career plans. It is unknown when he moved from his hometown of Vienna to Budweis, but on the 4th of January 1900 he is conducting an evening of Giuseppe Verdi’s Opera Rigoletto.

Close up on Paul Eisler's name, lower right hand side

Close up on Paul Eisler’s name, lower right hand side

Starring in the lead role of Gilda in Rigoletto that evening was Lili Lejo seen here in an undated postcard.

Lili Lejo, undated postcard

Lili Lejo, undated postcard

And another postcard of Lili Lejo here


Hear Samples of Verdi’s famous catchy melody La Donna e Mobile from Rigoletto here:

http://pbs.org/gperf – In this clip from Rigoletto from Mantua, a filmic adaptation of the opera starring Placido Domingo, tenor Vittorio Grigolo as the womanizing Duke of Mantua sings the well known classic canzone, “La Donna e Mobile,” known as showcase for operatic tenors.

In this video see the renown Pavarotti sing La Donna e Mobile

Here are some period views of Budweis:



Budweis postcard

Budweis postcard

About Guenevere Crum

Guenevere Crum is an artist and a great granddaughter of Edith and Paul Eisler. She has been actively sleuthing her Eisler - Vail Ross heritage since 1999.
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