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Tea, Rum and Clara Schumann – Vienna 1866

In the few records I have found of Sigmund Eisler, Paul’s father, it is mentioned that he is a businessman in Vienna but of what I haven’t found yet. Searching through old Viennese newspapers in the year 1866 did bring … Continue reading

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Happy Easter, 1903

A 110 years ago Edith Vail Ross spent a mid-April Easter accompanied by Mrs. Schirmer in Washington DC and was joined for a few days by her friend May Seymour who was performing in nearby Baltimore. They stayed at the … Continue reading

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Not Worthy of Your Universe

Researching your own family genealogy is just about the most self absorbed project a person can sign up for. You sit down with yourself and begin to plot out all that you know and inevitably your name rests in the center … Continue reading

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The Beginning

My grandmother’s refrain was she had nothing for me. There was nothing. No papers, no music, no dresses. She knew this because it had all been thrown out of an attic window straight into a garbage bin. One day Auntie … Continue reading

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